Casey and his friends  
Casey and his friends

Welcome to the world of Casey and his friends; these loveable, huggable toys are called Carsey's™. Casey and his friends was created and designed to bring interactive amusement and entertainment to children. When you are on the go, be sure to bring your child's favorite Carsey™ toy along for the ride. Together, your child and their Carsey™ toy will buckle safely into any forward-facing car seat or stroller.  Also, a Carsey™ attachment is available on-line for booster seats and air travel. Either on the ground or in the air, Casey and his friends will never leave your child’s side.

Parents will be glad to know that our line of Carsey's™ reduces driver distraction. The Carsey™ toy will never fall under the seat or on the ground - it can’t get lost! Your child and their Carsey™ of choice will securely fasten into their seat.

Specialized Technology Resources, Inc. awarded Casey and his friends the highest US and International safety rating for all of our Carsey™ toys (please see link for additional information (US Rating:  ASTM F963-03)).  In addition, each Carsey™ toy that has been tested passed the Crash Test for use in a forward facing car seat.

As a mother and inventor, my child's safety is my number one priority. We look forward to having Casey and his friends join your child on their next journey and enjoy each day as if it were a new adventure.

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Hold child safety buckle in one hand.
Properly secure the product by inserting buckle through opening at the rear of the Carsey™ toy.
Slide the Carsey™ toy downward to ensure buckle is completely exposed.

Once the Carsey™ has been inserted placed over the buckle, the shoulder safety straps are to be inserted downward; exactly the same way you would secure your car seat. If the Carsey™ toy is blocking closure of the buckle, child safety is in danger! Do not operate vehicle without proper closure!


Casey and his friends Casey and his friends Casey and his friends
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